• A town rich in regional exchange

    We are actively accepting exchanges between travelers and
    local residents so that everyone can enjoy traveling in this city.

  • Time spend in the center of nature

    The time spent in this town will be a magical time.
    Because of the wonder of nature you get a lot of power.

  • We want to cherish the time with you

    There are no tourist attractions in this town.
    But we can make your holidays the best.


Meal to taste in Kurosomatsunai

Introducing shops where you can taste the products in the area.

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Experience playing in Kurosomatsunai

We introduce a lot of experiential contents enjoyed together with nature.

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A place to relax slowly in Kurosomatsu

Introducing an accommodation to make your trip better day.

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We will support your stay

Coordinator of the order to provide the best of holiday

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Prepare for your trip

  • Day trip & Experience

    Activities to experience in the rural town

  • Affordable Travel

    Backpackers, cyclists and other light travel

  • Local life experience

    Long stay and support for immigration experience