Snow Activity


Hello! To Everyone Living in Countries Without Snow!

“We don’t know what it’s like to be surrounded by snow. That’s why we want to experience a one-of-a-kind vacation where we can spend time having fun in the snow!” This is part of the first conversation we had with a very nice family who later visited us from a country without snow. They had such an amazing time that we’d like to share the contents of their trip with you! We hope you feel inspired!

Seeing snow for the first time!

The family was surprised upon arrival. Just after stepping out of the airplane door, the sensation of the crisp winter air against their skin let them know that they were in for something new. “It’s cold living in a snow country!” What seems to be normal daily life here in Hokkaido provided an overflowing feeling of excitement to this family experiencing it all for the first time. The moment we saw the family’s expressions and excitement, we knew this was going to be a trip full of adventure and fun! “I want it to be morning already!” Even though they had just arrived, the kids showed no signs of being tired and were super excited to start their journey.

Wake up to a bright glittery landscape and the aroma of freshly baked bread!

You’ll know morning has come by the bright beam of light shining through the opening in your curtains. As you and your kids open the door to go outside, get ready to be pierced by an unbeleivably cold sensation. As time goes on, you’ll learn that the cold feeling isn’t nessesarily a bad thing and with proper clothing and body movement you’ll be just fine. Make your way to the breakfast table where we’ll be waiting for you with freshly baked bread. Make sure to eat well, as we’ll be out and about playing in the snow all day! Enjoy your time having breakfast as a family and be amazed by the delicious bread warm on the inside. What a great way to start the day!

Have fun feeling free in the snow as if you can fly!

“If you want to enjoy the snow to the fullest, you definitely have to try this!” We are absolutely sure that our snowmobile activity will provide hours of exhilarating fun for you and your entire family. These automobiles have been designed to give you flexibility in the way you’d like to glide across the snowy landscape. The banana boat is also an exciting way to experience flying across the snow. It makes for some cool pictures too, as it’s a giant air-filled banana attached to the back of a fast-moving snowmobile! These activities aren’t just for the kids, but for everyone in the family to enjoy!

Get ready! It’s time for a treasure hunt!

“The treasure hunt has begun!” After the shout, begin clearing out the snow with a shovel. As you dig your way down to the ground level you’ll discover that there are vegetables! This is how the locals in the snowy regions of Hokkaido have been preserving vegetables from the previous seasons since long before. “I found some!” The excited children’s voices echo across the serene snowy plains off into the distance. The wife responds, “There’s some over here too!” Even the adults can have fun feeling like a kid again surrounded by spectacular nature. It won’t feel like you’re here just to sit back while your kids run off to have a good time. You’ll truly enjoy yourself as well! This is a magical place for all generations.

This special time spent with your family will bring forth memories to be treasured!

“Hey, dad. How is the earth so big?” You and your family will feel like you’ve been embraced by the magnificent power of nature, an experience that can’t be felt during your daily life. The feeling may come from all of the new things you learned and the fun times you had. Get ready for a wholesome meal after a full day of playing in the snow!