Kuromatsunai Home to Japans Northenmost Beech Forest

Kuromatsunai is a small town in the middle of Kuromatsunai lowland in Southern Hokkaido. Having both the sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean very close to itself, this town has mountains, hills, Wetlands, rivers, and the seas, all unusual for Hokkaido that has a vast area. This town is also well-known as being the northern limit for the beech forest in Jaoan. The natural treasure “Utasai beech forest(Utasai buna rin) ” is a higly valued forest that the people of town have twice protected from being cut down.

where good old culture of Japan remains

There are no sightseeing spots and resort facilities in our town. However, in this city there is warmth of heart (Nukumori).

Broad sky blue, eyes friendly green forest. Gentle people and their lives. A history engraved there. In this small town, it is packed with charm that attracts you. This website is a that brings the charm of this town so that people visiting Kuromatsunaichi Town can have a wonderful journey. With a lover. Family, with friends. There are various purposes and forms in the journey. Through this site, I hope you will find the style of travel you’ve had.

There is a tourist office in the facility called “Kuro Matsuuchi Onsen Buna no mori” located about 12 miles south of the city center. In addition to offering and guiding various activities, we also rental activity supplies (fishing equipment, ski wear, snowshoes etc…).

Facility KUROMATSUNAI Tourism Association
Address Kuromatsunaionsembunanomori, 545 Kuromatsunai Kuromatsunai-cho, Suttsu-gun, Hokkaido 048-0101, Japan
TEL +81-136-72-3597
Hourse (Mon.-Sun. 9:00am – 5:00pm.JST)

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