Girls Trip


To be Free and Relax. Discover a Northern Life and Culture in Kuromatsunai.

There’s a beautifully preserved forest in the north full of Japanese beech trees that create a mysterious atmosphere and provide an abundance of crisp fresh air. This power spot brings people fresh energy and rejuvenation simply by its divine existence. Today we are going to introduce a 3-day trip of healing in the magnificent power of nature!

Spending time in Kuromatsunai brings forth joy and smiles!

Your trip begins with a breath of fresh air! You’ll be amazed at how clean and fresh the air feels here the second you step off the train. Take your time to relax and stretch your arms towards the sky with the sunset approaching. Get warmed up and ready to embrace the full power of nature as you meet your wonderful trip coordinator. Start the evening with checking into your hotel before heading out to dinner at an Izakaya (Japanese style restaurant). The local people are super friendly! After breaking the ice with simple greetings, you’ll be surprised by the warm welcome and how you’ll be treated like family. Enjoy sitting at an old-style table called, “Kazoku Danran,” a table surrounded by family and friends where everyone can talk and enjoy a meal together. Have fun being surrounded by smiles as you meet and make new friends on your first night.

Lose track of time at a magical café!

People tend to naturally wake up early during traveling so today we’ll make sure to start your day at a relaxed pace. Enjoy a breakfast special at a café called, “Café MAIMAI” a hole-in-the-wall establishment surrounded by beautiful greenery with blue skies above. Here you’ll have some magical vivid colored photogenic tea and some sweet pound cake that will recharge you for the day ahead. Take in the atmosphere and feel free of time restraints, which is definitely one of the joys of traveling! Perhaps the relaxing calm feeling comes from the unique character of the owner.

Meet the queen of the river while surrounded by a world of natural beauty!

While surrounded by a forest full of trees you’ll be amazed at the magical clear river creating a spectacular backdrop and dreamy atmosphere. Feel the temperature cool down as you approach the river, which will leave you wondering where the summer heat went. A fishing pro of the local area will guide you to a special place in the river where you’ll be able to meet what the locals call, “the queen of the river.” Beyond the reflection of the trees and the sparkling surface of the water, you should be able to see something graceful down below. As you focus on the fascinating beauty, it may seem like your world is being dyed little by little into sparkling yellow and orange colors.

Experience the depths of the pitch-black countryside to penetrate into the secrets of nature!

How about some astronomical observation during dinner? You’ll be amazed at what you can see by simply looking up into the night sky in the countryside. You’ll be introduced to one of the most mystical experiences you’ve ever had that will spark your imagination and cleanse your heart. Just remember that the stars are always there even if you can’t see them! Each and every star is surprisingly bright! “It’s like an optical illusion! I feel like I can reach out and touch every star shining so big and beautiful!” You can only truly understand how precious this experience with your friends and locals.

When looking back, it may seem like you visited a magical wonderland.

Start your morning running freely in the spectacular open fields! Notice how the natural gradation blends the vivid green plains into the trees and then into the clear blue sky. You’ll feel like you’re wrapped in stunning beauty and your heart will feel at ease by simply standing and appreciating the scenery. The natural feeling of healing and the kindness of the people of Kuromatsunai probably derived from the local people’s long history of appreciating and living in harmony with nature. On your way home, you’ll definitely have Kuromatsunai on your heart and maybe even want to start planning for your next trip back!