• Empty handed river fishing

    Enjoy river fishing while accompanied by a local fishing guide! The clean freshwater Shubuto River, which flows through the town, is a hugely popular spot with yamame(Landrock salmon) and Iwana(char) fishing fans.You’ll be able to rent all the gear you’ll need, so feel free to just bring yourself! We can guide you to a variety of fishing spots just right for your level, from a mountain stream to the village river.

    Available time period:1/June – 31/Oct.

    Required time: 2-3hours

    Price per Adult: 5000JPY *Child age 9-12 4000JPY

  • Northern limit beech forest guide tour

    The Northernmost beech forest are our town’s treasure, has a certain sort of beauty imparted by the passing of the seasons. You understand how locals conserved Utasai beech forest after this nature tour. Let’s enjoy trekking with us in a Northernmost Beech Forest another name ‘Norther Palm Tree’.

    *Short walk tour

    Available time period: April to November

    Required time: 1.5 hours

    Price per Adult: 4000 JPY *Child age 9-12 2000 JPY

    *Long walk (150 minutes)

    Available time period:April to November

    Required time: 2.5-3hours

    Price per Adult: 6000 JPY *Child age 9-12 3000 JPY

    *Winter Snowshoe walk

    Available time period:White season

    Required time: 2 hours

    Price per Adult: 5000JPY *Child age 9-12 4000JPY


    *Local English speaking guides are available

    *We have a group discount available

    *Guide ratio: Up to 10 participants for 1 guide

  • Sun rise Sun set cycle ride’ Countryside Cycling tour

    Cycle coast to coast, east to west, sunrise to sunset ! Town Kuromatsunai are very close to Pacific ocean and Sea of Japan. The distance between the ocean is less 30 linear kilometers. Starting Shizukari fishing village facing Pacific ocean, the 47 Kilometers route passing through Kuromatsunai lowland zone where small hill area, plus all the usual cross-country highlights, down grade Tsukikoshi big mountain pass, arriving on the seafront finish at Shimamaki town. After watching sun set, you will have a nice seafood dinner at local restaurant.

    Available time period:15/Sep. – 31/Oct.

    Required time: Approx 13 hours *depends for the season

    Price per Adult: 29000JPY *only adult

    *Rental Cross bike, helmet, groves, eye protection glasses included

    *Meals included (B’fast, Lunch and Dinner)


    *Local English speaking guides are available

    *Up to 4 participants for a tour

  • Empty handed Ayu(Sweet fish) Fishing in river Shubuto

    Wading in the pristine river waters among Kuromatsunai’s natural beauty make for a great fishing adventure. Local river called Shubuto is famous Ayu fishing spot in Japan. The Ayu fishing season for river Shubuto start from 1st of Jully till 15th September every year. Ayu fishing using the traditional tomo-zuri or live lure technique to engage in that style of fishing for Ayu the way it has been done for centuries is an incredible experience. Grilled Ayu course lunch at local restaurant included.

    Available time period:1/July – 15/Sept.

    Required time: 3 hours

    Price per Adult: 22000 JPY *adult only


    *Local English speaking escort are available

    *Guide ratio: Up to 2 participants for 1 guide.

    *We accept 4 participants for one session

  • Trekking to the uneplored train station

    A special time spent at the “unexplored Train Station” in the town near Kuromatsunai.

    Season: Jan. – Jan. ALL Season

    Required time: 4 hours

    Price per Adult: JPY *Child age 9-12 JPY


    *Local English speaking guides are available

  • Farming Experience

    Nature experiences spending on the farm.

    The time to eat the ingredients harvested by their own hands is wonderful.

    Available time period:April- Oct.

    Required time: 1 hours

    Price per Adult: 1500JPY *Child age 9-12 1000JPY


    *Local English speaking guides are available

  • Nature walking

    Natural walks spending in a space full of energy, unlike ordinary forests.

    Season: Jan. – Jan. ALL Season

  • Footpath walk

    Experience walking in Kuromatsunai area and enjoy meeting people in the town. There are two attractive courses.

    Season: Green Season

    Required time: 3.5 hours

    Price per Adult: 4000JPY *Child age 9-12 PY


    *Local English speaking guides are available

  • Canoeing experience at River Shubuto

    Season: June. – Oct.

    Required time: 2 hours

    Price per Adult: 6,000 JPY *Child age 9-12 4,000 JPY

  • Shako-Yaki local BBQ experience with locals

    Dinner experience spending local traditional bird cuisine with local residents.

    Season: Jan. – Jan. ALL Season

  • Japanese Taiko drum experience with locals

    A wonderful time for Japanese instrumental performers to teache me to play.

    Available time period:ALL Season

    Required time: 1 hours

    Price per Adult: 1500 JPY

  • Japanese cultural experience

    Experience enjoying Japanese traditional culture experience (Ocha – Matcha, Wafuku/Kimono).

    Season: Jan. – Jan. ALL Season