Cycling Trip


Experience your trip to the fullest without any cell phone or digital interference!

Kuromatsunai Town is located on a piece of land in Hokkaido, which shares two coasts, including the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean. Relax and let your body take in the scent of the earth and sound of the rivers while overlooking the coastal scenery. Today we’d like to take you on a journey and introduce a kind of travel without interference from the digital world.

Your trip starts the instant you step out of the ticket gate!

The JR Station in the Town of Kuromatsunai is super simple with a classic countryside atmosphere that will ignite a feeling like your trip has started in a surreal world where time has stopped. Be ready to meet your delightful guide, Honma San, who will be waiting just outside the station ready to great you with a warm welcome and a beautiful smile! To make sure you start your trip on a full stomach, we’ll stop for lunch at a place called, “Tofu Sho Miura” and have quick meeting to talk about our epic plans for your trip. Tofu is known to be a healthy choice, and today you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most nutritious tofu made with fresh soybeans right off a local farm. What a great way to start your trip!

No windows! Glide through the fresh air to reach your destination.

Get ready to be amazed at the spectacular wide scenery without anything in the way as far as the eye can see. Feel the breeze against your skin and notice how the temperature seems to change depending on the power and velocity of your pedal. Enjoy observing every instant of the changing scenery and let your body become fully engulfed in nature. After cruising for some time you’ll approach a hill known as, “Tsukikoshi Pass.” As you make your way through the steep pass, a breathtaking sunset shinning across the ocean will come into view. Enjoy the breeze against your skin as you effortlessly descend down the road heading straight towards a glittery ocean. It’s quite the emotional experience full of inspiration and thankfulness!

Enjoy finding a whole new world of hidden truths and beauty!

Reach your destination after completely declining down the pass. Relax and let your body and mind become completely absorbed in the color and beauty of the spectacular sunset! You’ll definitely see some colors and be around a distinct atmosphere that can’t be expressed in the digital world. There probably isn’t anyone who wouldn’t want to take a minute to capture this scene on camera! It’s going to be quite difficult to describe exactly how vivid and beautiful your experience here was. The sun shining on the water, the soothing blue colors of the Sea of Japan under the clear blue skies above. Make sure to journal tonight and dedicate a page to this wonderful experience!

Today is going to be a day full of unforgettable memories that will never fade!

Eating delicious foods is one of the joys of traveling! Experience life as a local instead of a traveler and have fun mingling with the locals as you take part in “garage style barbeque,” the regional soul food! Is the meat tough? It’s customary to grill the meat until the texture becomes tough. Why is that? You’ll discover why after interacting with the locals! It’ll be a taste of the culture you can only experience here! Have fun getting to know the local people, ask questions and learn about interesting things you can only find out through conversation. Take your time and enjoy the regional food, sake and good company.

When you think back on your trip, it’ll seem like you found 'Hometown' in Japan .

During the start of the Heisei Period (1989~), the capital and the local countryside people worked together to create a town in the image of “caring for the environment,” and naturally declared the local Japanese Beech Trees as their symbol. Since then, travelers on the mountain road have gradually changed from fisherman to people who simply want to enjoy the beautiful countryside atmosphere! In 2011, Mr. and Mrs. Tomita, a potato farming family decided they wanted to create an opportunity for city people to come and experience country life in Kuromatsunai. They started an agricultural lodging house called, “Farm Inn Tomita.” They provide homemade breakfast and dinner made with vegetables from their local farm, wild edible plants and fresh water fish from the local river. After spending time with the lively locals you’ ll feel like this is home away from home! When asked, Mr. Tomita said, “More than just a typical sightseeing spot, we’ ve created an environment where travelers can truly experience and appreciate rural life while being fully embraced by the surrounding nature. We look forward to sharing this special experience with new faces!”