Train Trip

Take a Trip on a Local Train Through the Northernmost Land of Japan!

“What should we do?” If this question ever pops up during your travels in Hokkaido, we like to recommend, “A Trip on the Local Train!” Enjoy the scenery as you coast through peaceful countryside landscapes, try getting off the train at random stations to explore, and have fun capturing your most memorable moments on camera. You’ll reach a state of peace and comfort you may have never felt before. Today we’ll be introducing a few classic towns in Hokkaido not too far from Sapporo with outstanding scenery and nostalgic atmosphere!

Feel relaxed and inspired by a journey on the railroad!

Traveling is a great way to get refreshed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Of course, making precise plans for your travels with friends, family or a significant other can be fun, however, sometimes having a carefree schedule during your trip is exactly what it takes to relax and refresh. As you stare out the window, you’ll be amazed at the magical feeling of peace that will overcome you. Enjoy the tranquil countryside landscapes of Japan, glistening rivers and breathtaking backdrops as you coast through this beautiful land.

Hokkaido is now connected to Tokyo! Let’s go!

Hokkaido is connected to the mainland by the spectacular high-speed train known as the “Shinkansen!” With the purchase of a “Japan Rail Pass,” a reduced fare ticket, you can enjoy traveling around Japan by railway. As you make your way to Hokkaido you’ll travel through the longest undersea tunnel in the world! The moment you exit the tunnel in the land of Hokkaido, you may feel like the sky is higher here. Is the sky really higher in Hokkaido, or does it just feel that way because of the open land? Please keep this in mind and see what you think when you get here!

Your trip on the local train starts from here!

If you decide to use the Shinkansen, the first place you’ll arrive when reaching Hokkaido is “Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto.” The speed of the Shinkansen drastically reduces once the railroad becomes two-way, which is where your relaxed scenic trip begins! During the Green Season, you can open the windows on the local train to let in a pleasant breeze and enjoy feeling the changes in velocity depending on the speed of the train. As you look out the window, you’ll know you’ve arrived at the destination we have planned for you once the train starts gradually drifting away from the parallel ocean view.

Feel as though you’re living out a story in a literary world!

The place you’ll be visiting is a small town called, “Kuromatsunai.” This town is known for being surrounded by its abundant beech tree forests with breathtaking shades of green that truly are quite hard to capture on camera and express in words. You’ll have a chance to come in contact with majestic trees over 200 years old without having to trek deep into the mountains. Once entering the forest, be on the lookout as you may be able to see Hokkaido owls and large-sized woodpeckers referred to as “Kumagera,” which is actually the town's symbol!

How about a carefree step towards exploration?

Kuromatsunai Town is full of photogenic spots that will have you inspired to capture as much as you can on camera. The picturesque views and serene atmosphere will surely take your mind off your everyday worries and fill you with peace and calmness. After spending time in this beautiful town with visits to local cafes, small shops, and your Japanese-style inn, we hope you feel refreshed with a broadened horizon!