Short Trip


Enjoy a Short Trip Just Outside of Niseko!

Niseko is known as one of the most famous ski resorts in all of Japan with an impressive downpour of white powder snow and an attractive backcountry area. There are countless options and winter activities for people looking to have fun winter adventures, which makes Niseko Resort unique and quite different compared to other ski resorts in Japan.

Step out of the crowded resort area into what seems like another world!

Being surrounded by an abundance of popular sightseeing spots can be fun! However, if you step out and change your point of view you’ll realize that there are many old Japanese-style countryside villages still intact for you to explore. Enjoy the majestic winter wonderland with snow white fields and an abundance of ski slopes waiting for you to experience! More than remembering where you visited, you’ll create lots of bright memories of who you had fun with!

A world where only you make a trace!

Have you ever trekked through untouched white powder snow? Traveling through the backcountry is totally different from the snow you’ll experience on a ski slope. As you trek through the flat snowfields and small hilly areas, you’ll get to take your time and experience a pace different from your everyday life. For example, have you ever taken your time to observe and take in the spectacular atmosphere of a snowy landscape? The snow crystallization is truly beautiful, like a piece of art made by nature. We hope that you can relax and take your time to notice the beauty in your surroundings that are often overlooked.

Are you familiar with vegetables only available in winter?

The combination of soil, water and sunlight are absolutely necessary for growing good tasting vegetables. In winter, the ground receives sunlight but the soil is concealed by water in the form of snow. It’s said that winter in Hokkaido is long and hard, and the people who choose to adapt to life in this snow country are tough and reliant on the wisdom of their predecessors. The snow that covers the soil serves as a natural device, which preserves the vegetables without freezing them. Enjoy a rare experience with the locals harvesting vegetables beneath the snow followed by preparing warm delicious food above!

Rare experiences that can only be had here!

In the past, this town thrived with many small shops, traditional Japanese-style inns and overflowed with more people than you can imagine. Although these days, the town’s population has dropped to around 3,000 people, many of the wonderful shops still exist! It may be hard to find English speaking assistance when exploring but you will surely be greeted by smiling store clerks full of kindness. One of the local store clerks once told us, “This town may not have the convenience of a large city, but it’s definitely a peaceful town with a heart to protect the natural environment and not fall into the development of resort exploitation.” Come and experience his words for yourself!

Fully enjoy the fun times! Take your time when refreshing.

Resort spots offer many attractions for you to have fun and enjoy. On the other hand, how about stepping out to experience the beautiful land Japan has to offer? Hokkaido’s history is quite interesting and very different to popular areas in the mainland, such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. Come to Hokkaido! A land that will surely bring you a new kind of experience!