Photo Trip

Take a Trip with Your Camera and Explore the Vibrant Colorful Season!

There’s a phrase in Japanese called, “Shiki,” which means the four distinct seasons. Each season is known for its own special atmosphere with autumn being especially nice, creating a vivid colorful landscape. During this time, Hokkaido is full of beautiful photogenic scenery. Enjoy capturing the spectacular landscapes from your perspective, which will surely become an amazing piece of art. Let’s pack our cameras and get ready to explore!

Set the shutter speed to portray how you feel!

Often times people enjoy taking photos but have a hard time deciding on what to shoot. Whether you specifically want to try capturing your surroundings like the photos you see in guidebooks and SNS, or focus on commemorative photos to snapshot fun memories, it may feel like there’s something missing as a whole. That’s why on this trip we remind you that there is nothing holding you back! Feel free to explore different styles of photography and take as many pictures as you like!

Hello, world!

During our trip we’ll make sure to take breaks from the convenience of getting around by car, so that you can have plenty of chances to get around on foot in order to fully take in the atmosphere and surrounding beauty. How about going for a ride on rental bikes? You’ll be able to make your way where cars can’t, and explore narrow alleyways full of vivid flowers while embracing the cool breeze! Enjoy the countryside, take a walk through Japanese Pampas Grass standing taller than you! You’ll also see cows, goats and friendly grandama and grandpa locals working on the farm. Surely, they’ll be happy to see you! Have fun capturing their smiles on camera! Hello, world!

Capture the breathtaking autumn color spectrum, a very special time!

The word, “kouyo” (autumn leaves), in Japanese is hard to fully grasp when translated into other languages. It’s the idea that depending on the year, the same trees in the same place can produce drastically different shades of vivid autumn colors, naturally making every year unique. From green to yellow, then transforming to shades of red are the color palettes you’ll be capturing when you’re out and about with your camera! You won’t be able to take your eyes off the beautiful scenery. When surrounded by such beauty, every photo is masterpiece! You’ll be amazed at how many spectacular photos you’ll take by the classic point and shoot technique!

Experience a nostalgic warm feeling like being in your second hometown!

Take a walk through a village surrounded by vast agricultural fields and meet a cute grandma with a welcoming smile on her face. “Where are you from? Come this way!” You’ll get to experience one of the joys of autumn, sweet potatoes! Try some hands-on harvesting before a quick lesson on how to prepare the most delicious baked sweet potatoes! She’ll ask you with a slight accent of her local dialect, “How is it? It’s good, right?” Enjoy the warm feeling of hospitality while watching the sunset. And just like that, the day is coming to an end. How peaceful it is being surrounded by serene fields watching the sun disappear over the horizon, while snacking on freshly baked sweet potatoes! Without being distracted by a camera, you’ll want to take in the scenery with your very own eyes. This precious memory will remain in your heart forever.

The untouched autumn colors are purely beautiful!

Today was like something out of a dream! What a luxury it is being able to spend a relaxing time in this dreamlike earthly paradise. You’ve chosen the season just before Hokkaido becomes quite crowded with tourists, who come to experience winter beauty. Without the boisterous foot traffic, this town offers a glimpse into the local everyday lifestyle and serene stillness and beautiful landscapes that embraces the people. This is one of the most precious characteristics of Kuromatsunai!